Resistance Loop Band Set by 4KOR Fitness, Perfect for CrossFit, Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Booty Building Price: $43.45$46.45 (as of 22/07/2018 18:50 PST- Details)

SET OF 3 HIP BANDS WITH TACKY GRIPPY STRIPS- You’re currently viewing the set of 3 Hip Bands that include the Blue (Medium-13″), Red (Large-15″), and Black (X-Large-16.5″ 2nd Generation with stiffer material) Hip Bands, all 3″ wide, and these 3 bands have tacky grippy strips that line the inside of the band to ensure it stays in place while training. Each band has a different resistance level due to it’s varying length. This set gives you the most versatility for your workouts.
IMPROVES LIFTING FORM AND EFFECTIVE WARMUP TOOL- Wear the Hip Band during squats and teach yourself to push out with your knees. Wear the Hip Band above your knees and walk with long strides or while lunging for a great dynamic warmup.
HELP SHAPE AND FIRM YOUR THIGHS AND GLUTES- Maximize your gains by adding the Hip Band to your lifting routine. It will help strengthen hip abductors and external rotators.

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4 KOR Fitness resistance bands were designed to give you total freedom and flexibility for your workout routines. These snap-resistant, super durable bands are the most versatile fitness product you’ll ever own and one set gives you a lifetime of exercise options that address every part of your body.

In developing the 4 KOR Fitness deluxe resistance band set, we consulted pro athletes and fitness buffs alike and they all agreed – no matter which workout method they practiced, they all said that resistance band training is an essential part of their routine and a critical factor in improving performance.

That’s why we offer more bands at varied resistance levels and longer lengths than other fitness brands. Your kit comes with everything you need to start building the lean, toned muscles you want now: 6 color-coded bands (12″ x 2″), bonus booklet to guide you through a full-body workout and our free gift of a stylish carrying case that lets you to take your fitness to go.

Resistance levels:
X-Easy 7-11 lbs
Easy 10-17 lbs
Medium 13-21 lbs
Heavy 16-27 lbs
X-Heavy 21-33 lbs
XX-Heavy 28-44 lbs

The undeniable fact is that 4 KOR Fitness resistance bands allow you to tailor your workouts to get results sooner, regardless of your level. With minimal effort, you can add the tone and definition you want to your hips, arms, legs, abs, back and butt. Everyone from pro baseball players to yoga practitioners to physical therapy patients love how our resistance bands make it easy to do squats, lunges, side-to-side exercises, stretching and strength training.

Simply put, we know you’re going love your new 4 KOR Fitness resistance bands. But if, for any reason, you’re unhappy with them we’ll be more than happy to refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

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